Key Themes at the Smart Infrastructure Summit include:

The Smart Infrastructure Summit is where industry experts and thought leaders, national, state and local government, owners of infrastructure, construction companies, contractors, academia and solution providers will come to:

Understand what factors are creating the need for smart and innovative approaches with better use of existing infrastructure
Learn how to drive the adoption of smarter infrastructure to gain greater value from new and existing assets
Hear how companies are developing innovative and practical solutions that are ready to be applied to the infrastructure sector
Hear how smart infrastructure will play an increasingly significant role in addressing resource constraints and enhancing connectivity, liveability, productivity and resilience
Learn how to develop and implement strategic infrastructure strategies for the asset classes of water, energy, transport, social and digital
Identify opportunities for using technology and data analytics to better use infrastructure
Understand how to manage the risks associated with smart connected infrastructure
See how to best leverage private sector expertise to explore potential applications of smart technologies
Learn how to attract and retain the necessary expertise and resources to deliver and maintain smart infrastructure
Meet-face-to face with innovators and thought leaders
Source the latest smart infrastructure enabling products and solutions